About Me

Yours truly in Kurdish clothes 🧿💜🪬

Living in my Head
(way too much)

I’ve always lived in my head, creating fantasy worlds, having mock arguments, winning award shows, being on Oprah when I was 12 and Ellen when I was 21 ( I realize it is now 2020 and we’ve cancelled Ellen, but this was my truth once upon a time ago). My name is Mardin and I have so much to say and no platform to express it, not at least until now; I’m creating my platform. I have absolutely no clue where this blog will take me, if anywhere at all, but what I know to be true, is the fact that my voice will only be as loud as my written word. I have to write, write about life, write about death, about love, about loss and everything else in between. So welcome to what will be a curious, unknown, yet (hopefully) eventful writing journey! YAY! I’m finally doing what I love. What took so long?


Update: Sunday August 9th 2020

Hello again, or simply hello if this is your first visit. It’s been a while since my last “about me” update. With the minor Ellen remark (I definitely don’t want to be on her show anymore), I feel like I want to leave my “about me” section edit free. Over the years, I want to look back and see if I’ve changed, and reflect on how much I’ve changed. On that note, I think I am still a lot like the girl who wrote the first section but a little more content, with a clearer vision of where I want to be and who I want to be. I am ready. I wasn’t before, but I am ready for the challenges I will face and the risks I’de usually be scared to take. I know my destination, but the journey will be a surprise. Truthfully, my greatest fear is to look back on this in a few years and not have changed at all, not have moved much from where I began. But I’m holding myself accountable and that is all I can do as I grow. I’ll see you in the arrival section 😉 (hopefully).

Love & Light,