My Mother Tongue shakes the balance of your state,

My Women scare your men into slate,

My Mountains have helplessly observed our fates

As seasons pass and winters press, and foundations shake.

A people whom you’ve never seen

Are born with wings to fly over the scene

Of blood and bodies of the badly betrayed

My children are the cradle of death, here watch them laid.

And as the canons growl and howl

You’re left with an odourless foul,

This is your attempt for an angry fix to enrich your soul

With the abolishment of a Kurdish whole.

Our heroes, wounded will not bow

Their souls fixed on one vow.

Our poets and soldiers fight hand in hand

Creating vibrations over your so called land.

Blindly the world watches, only they don’t see

They don’t see that the Kurds are already free

Free from ignorance, greed and hate

Filled with Azadi we recreate.

We will not weep over those we mourn,

Those very roses that cut us with their thorn

Leaving us abandoned, stateless, and rights-less,

Will regret the day they chose to repress

A nation so grand, no matter how much they try,

Kurds will fight back and defy,

Pry all you want, we will not die,

And if guns and barrels are your only conviction

We will fight your attempt at extinction

We are Kurds and we have one reply

You’ve betrayed us enough, this is goodbye.

she carries the scars of sleepless nights

She carries the scars of sleepless nights and running streams that flow down her broken smile. She’s utters these words “I’m okay” over and over again, and she falls for her own lie into a broken sleep. She doesn’t know that her voice shakes, breaks when she speaks. She is carrying the pain and pleasure of past lives, with loss and hurt emphasized. Oh sad girl, there will come a night where you will soundly dream again, and your streams will rescue draughts, there will be a day where your smile will rise at dawn with the sun, and when you say “I’m okay”, there will come a time where you will convey it.